Vidalista 40 mg

There was a time when, thanks to the films and video clips of the 90s, everyone thought that sex in the shower was really a great way to have fun. But now, having tried to wash with someone other than himself, we must remind the world that ceramic tiles and fragile parts of the body can become a ridiculous and very traumatic accident. Here are 15 reasons why Vidalista pills online are the best option, especially if 40 mg tablets are used, according to The Huffington Post.

1. Height difference

The necessary parts of the body are not always where they should be.

2. Lack of space

After all, showers were invented for solo “shower parties”.

3. Cold

One partner can easily freeze while the hot water is pouring on the other.

4. Positions

Whatever position you would not take, you will either freeze or water will pour directly into your face.

5. Makeup

You will look like a panda if you do not wash your eyes before the process.

6. Lack of lubricant

Contrary to common sense, water does not sufficiently moisten the necessary “details.”

7. Slide

The floor in the shower cubicle is still that rink. You’ll have to focus on just keeping your balance.

8. Mould

Mould is not the best friend for a romantic date in the shower.

9. Lighting

The lighting typical of bathrooms or showers, unfortunately, will not make you more attractive.

10. Shower curtain

It will need to be torn away from different parts of the body, sometimes the most unexpected.

11. Schedule

It is not clear when to start the washing process directly. Before or after sex?

12. Hot water

All good things come to an end, actually, as is the hot water in the shower.

13. Wet traces in the bedroom

Definitely, you will forget to bring a few clean towels, because subconsciously you will be absorbed in the process.

14. Neighbors

The thought that the sound will be louder in the bathroom will not relax you at the right moment.