Merley Chains Ltd. Coated Chains


Get the protection of Dacromet

Dacromet coating is a special combination of liquid zinc and aluminum. The chains are coated in multiple layers of Dacromet to provide excellent corrosion resistance in extreme moisture conditions, chemical wash down and other harsh environments.


Dacromet coated chains provide the working strength of a carbon steel chain and the corrosion protection of a stainless steel chain.


Dacromet coated chains will not flake or chip like a nickel plated chain.


Dacromet Chains can be used around food conveyors but can not be in direct contact with food.


Dacromet Chains offer considerable cost savings when compared to Stainless Steel Chains.


Standard Stock Sizes Available


Roller Chain

RC-040-1 ½” pitch roller chain
RC-050-1 5/8” pitch roller chain
RC-060-1 ¾” pitch roller chain
RC-080-1 1.0” pitch roller chain


Double Pitch Roller Chain

RC-C2060H 1-1/2” pitch roller chain
RC-C2080H 2.0” pitch roller chain


Leaf Chain

BL-634 ¾” pitch leaf chain 3×4 lacing
BL-644 ¾” pitch leaf chain 4×4 lacing


Additional Sizes Available From the Factory


Typical Dacromet Chain Applications

Fish Processing Plants – High concentration of salt water present
Beverage Plants – Frequent wash down and cleaning
Chemical Manufacturing – contact with chemicals and wash down
Humid manufacturing environments